Friday, June 26, 2009


This morning, our sweet Little Bear woke up earlier than usual and came padding into our room. Once he got bundled in, he fell back to sleep. Of course, I couldn't go back to sleep, so I took the quiet moment to snuggle with him, which I think made him more comfortable. These are the moments that I dreamed about when I was pregnant with him: all 3 of us cuddled together trying to steal the last few moments before our busy lives had to start.

As many moms will agree, watching their children sleep reaffirms that there is some innocence still left in the world. So unassuming and beautiful, he munched on his pacifier and pulled the covers up as far as they can go under his chin. At one point, he reached over and put his little hand on my face in his sleep, which made tears well up in my eyes. Wow - how did God choose Drew and I to be the parents of this wonderful little boy? And in a few short days, we get the chance to start all over with Cody - our snuggly bed of 3 will become a much more crowded, but amazing bed of 4.

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