Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday, sensing my feelings of inadequacy as a mother of a newborn, Drew re-purchased the book BabyWise for me. I had originally received this publication as a Christmas gift from my parents while I was pregnant with Dylan, and read the entire thing that same night. It taught Drew and I about Parent Directed Feeding and learning to deal with Dylan in his many stages of babyhood.

Soon after we had our son, I gifted my book to a friend who was adopting their first child. When I got pregnant with Cody, I considered purchasing it again for myself, but never did. I figured that I had been through the whole newborn thing once before, and I could manuever through the struggles with confidence. Boy was I wrong! Cody has given us new challenges, and I was finding myself at the end of my sleepless rope.

Thankfully, Drew was at Barnes & Noble last night, and he bought it for me. While I have not read the book in it's entirety yet, I have found some great chapters that have restored my confidence. I have realized that Cody does not have colic or acid reflux, but his normal fussy period is between 9pm and 11pm each night. Each baby has this fussy period, my son just seems to have his later in the evening than most. What a relief!

I also wasn't sure how soon I could let my son soothe himself to sleep, and I had been confined to my rocking chair for hours every night. I now realize that he is old enough to do that, and also old enough to enjoy some set awake/playing time during the day. He is a very sleepy baby, but it gave me some great tips for keeping him awake before his next nap.

If you are a first-time parent, or having your second, I would strongly suggest getting BabyWise. While you may not agree with every opinion, it gives some great tips and some reassuring facts about babies that could help you too!

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