Thursday, July 16, 2009

Night Owl

Lack of sleep is getting to all of us - my hormone-induced crying fits of pregnancy have turned to a sleep deprivation delirium that makes me giggle at almost anything. Even Boomer looks tired, unable to pull himself from his spot on the couch.

Cody has chosen to sleep away most of daylight, and it has caused a slight scheduling conflict with our sleep. Not only is he wide awake in the evenings and during the night, he has a slight case of constipation that makes him a bit cranky. This morning (well, 4:30 actually) while Cody and I were struggling with his gassy tummy, Drew walked into his room and offered to give me a break. What a guy! Anyway, I took the opportunity of my two free arms to wash some bottles and sippy cups. As I was walking down the hall after doing the dishes, I heard Drew ask Cody, "So, are you going to cry like this forever?" I haven't stopped laughing about his innocent comment since.

The only one that has remained unaffected by our nightly activities has been Dylan. He sleeps like a dream all night long, which makes me wonder if my new night owl will turn out like his big brother. Will Drew and I ever have a full night’s sleep again? Dylan has been such a wonderful toddler, seriously weakening my resolve and making me extremely wussy. Cody is only a week old!! What will I have become when I am running on 3 hours of sleep in 4 weeks? I am pretty sure that I won’t ever have to highlight my hair again – the grays will start to pop through on their own!

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