Monday, July 6, 2009

On the eve of my second child's birth, my mind is all jumbled. So many thoughts, memories, and hopes are rising up.

I remember packing my bag in preparation for Dylan's birthday. I had no idea what joy, frustration, and contentment motherhood would bring to me. He has brought such a fullness to my life, I simply cannot imagine my days without his laughter, goofiness, and love. It's those thoughts that give me intense excitement for tomorrow and meeting our new son, and Dylan's little brother.

When thinking of our future, I hope that my boys band together throughout life. I hope that they love each other, confide in each other, and stick up for each other. It will be an adventure every day with them, and they will give me more than one heart attack! I expect them to bring home slimy frogs, black eyes, and broken hearts. It's our very important job to support and guide them through life's trials and tribulations. With this guidance, I hope that they both turn out like their Dad: Hard-working, sincere, and loving.

While I think about our future as a family and my sons as individuals, I wish that I could confide in and get advice from my sister. As she spent a majority of her life as a devoted and loving mother of 2 boys herself, I am sure that the feelings that I am experiencing wouldn't be a surprise to her. Although I miss her and think about her all of the time, it's these special times that I will miss her congratulatory phone call and love.

Today is done and tomorrow will bring a new life - a beautiful little life so full of potential and so loved by many.

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