Monday, July 13, 2009

Rose-colored Glasses

I am finally starting to feel like a caffeinated version of myself after bringing Cody home on Friday. I stepped into a chaotic world, one very different than the spa-like one I had left when I was wheeled from my hospital room. I was very anxious to leave the hospital, almost actually convincing my doctor to release me a day early. I wasn't completely prepared, however, for the monumental shift from being a mother of one to being a mother of two.

My blurry memories of bringing Dylan home from the hospital were completely trumped with the reality of welcoming Cody home. I was remembering those first weeks with Dylan with rose-colored glasses and since I have brought Cody home, I have been peed on, pooped on, and spit-up on. And, while I understand that these unfortunate accidents come hand in hand with motherhood, I didn't remember that I consistently smelled like baby formula while on maternity leave.

Thankfully, Dylan has welcomed his new brother home with open arms - in fact, his new favorite activity is to rub his bald, little head. Although we have had some temper tantrums, Dylan has displayed sensitivity and brotherly love with such ease. Drew and I weren't sure what to expect from Dylan when Cody was born, and we have been very pleasantly surprised.

While my emotions have been a jagged roller coaster for me (and Drew!), I understand that I have many blessings - too many to count. Dylan is a happy, healthy, and vivacious little boy. Cody is a little tiny cutie-pie that you can't help but cuddle. Drew is a supportive, loving, and forgiving husband. What more could I ask for?

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