Friday, July 17, 2009

Second Mortgage - Here we come!

Mom - Dad, don't worry.. We are NOT incurring more debt. I am wondering, however, how we will ever contain the appetites of our two boys. Cody could eat every hour if he could ever wake up long enough, and Dylan, well, he just likes to eat. Every so often he gets a little picky with his meals, but man, does that guy like his milk! Our backyard may have a new addition: a new Holstein named Gigi to supply us with as much as milk as he can drink. Drew and I are taking turns making more frequent trips to our local Target store, and I am sure the personnel in the baby and dairy department wonder if we are feeding and clothing the ever-famous Octuplets. Little do they know that we are going to need a trust fund not only to feed our boys, but diaper them both as well!

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