Monday, July 20, 2009

Shit - I am so tired....

When people are contemplating having a child, whether it is their first or not, people don't warn you about all of the trials and tribulations that come with having a newborn. No one tells you about how tired you will become, how many burp cloths and pacifiers that will gather on every surface of your home, or how often you will need to change their clothes. Don't get me wrong, the outcome is so worth it, but I wish someone would have smacked me over the head when I was thinking about adding to our already chaotic household. Everyone spurs you on, making the whole thing sound like you are giving birth to rainbows and tulips.

Every week that passes, we notice that Cody is changing, which is something else that we forgot when Dylan was so young (probably because we were so tired then too!). I figure that every week that passes gives us another week under our belt, and Cody will slowly get easier. One thing that we have found to be especially difficult is the inability to reason with him. We have gotten so used to talking to Dylan to find out what he needs and wants. He, obviously, has an opinion, like every other 2 year old, and I thought that I would like having a child who couldn't tell me "no". We have found quite the opposite to be true! Talking with Dylan has become such a nice outlet now; he can have a conversation with us, even if no one else can understand him but us.

I guess the thing to learn from this mish-mashed blog is that each child helps you understand and love the other. What we have learned from Dylan can help us with our ever-growing relationship with Cody. And what we can't do with Cody, we can gleefully enjoy with Dylan. Maybe that's what parenthood and motherhood is all about.

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