Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday at the park

Today, we took the boys to the playground at Elmhurst Elementary School in Roseville. They have several huge playsets and areas to get into loads of trouble, and we thought it would be a perfect place to use up some energy!
It was so nice to see Dylan feeling brave and having fun. Although he has a fairly short attention span, he was able to go from one playset to another.
As I sat holding Cody and watching Drew and Dylan have fun, I imagined my two boys attending this classic elementary school. As much as I dread that first day of kindergarten, the school looks like a wonderful place to start their school years. I can just see them running out into the schoolyard during recess, and playing basketball with their friends.

We did a pretty good job of wearing Dylan out, and after a special lunch from McDonald's, he was ready to conk out for a nice long nap. Thankfully, the rest of us slept too!

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