Friday, August 21, 2009

Death of the Pacifier

Drew and I have been wondering when and how it was appropriate to de-pacifier Dylan. He is so attached to it that he immediately runs to find one when he gets home from daycare. Keep in mind that he hasn't used a pacifier at all at daycare since he was 1! So, in dramatic fashion, the pacifier got clipped and thrown away on Wednesday night.
I was talking on the phone, when Dylan found our scissors and walked into the living room. Drew got up right away to take them away from him, and somehow the pacifier got it's end clipped! Dylan started screaming as if Drew had literally clipped him with the scissors and ran to me with crocodile tears streaming down his face. Drew and I decided that tonight was the night and we had a conversation with him to let him know that the pacifiers were going away. All gone.

We have since lived without his pacifier, and although we have a few more tears at bedtime, he is doing wonderfully. He doesn't even try to take Cody's pacifiers, which reminds me that we made a good decision. One more step to our firstborn being a little boy rather than a baby.

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