Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun Friday night

It's been a while since all of us have been able to get together. We used to hang out at least every Friday and Saturday night, routinely doing our makeup and getting dressed for a night out on the town. As time progressed, we stayed in more, and played more drinking games in my dining room (as many of you may remember!). My how times have changed.....
Now, most of us have babies (and one on the way!). Here is Mieka's son, Bryce, who has the sweetest cheeks, and I just loved holding him and showering him with kisses!
Dylan wasn't quite sure about sharing his toys or his home with other children, and as you can see, he has quite a way to go!!! I can't tell if Bryce was falling over or giving Dylan a nudge, but either way, Dylan doesn't look happy! :)

At one point during the evening, someone made the comment that our living room looked like a daycare - Kristy brought her two kids, and with Dylan and Bryce, it was quite the time!!

It was so good to see everyone, and Drew, Dylan, Cody & I had such a wonderful time. As life passes us by, I remember how much I miss our times together, ladies. I love you all, and your families. Thanks for taking time to be with us last night, and I wish we could do it more often. Love you!

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