Monday, August 17, 2009

Garage Sale Weekend

We had been collecting items from my parent's recent downsize in our garage for a yard sale, and we decided that this weekend was the time to try to empty it out. We opened our sale on Friday, using a neighbor's sale as the catalyst to get us going. Cody was wonderful on Friday, and spent most of his naps in his bouncy seat, drawing more attention than the items we were trying to sell.
On Saturday, my mom and dad came down to help us with the sale, and spent some great time with the boys. Doesn't his little face look chubby?
My mom is very into birthdays and making my son feel special, and wanted to give Dylan a little party for his half birthday. Even though I initially thought it was confusing and unnecessary, it turned out to be a wonderful thing for him. He was so excited to blow out his candles, almost burning his nose trying to get as close to the flame as he possibly could. These wonderful little cupcakes are from Dairy Queen, and they solved the problem of having half an ice cream cake in my freezer for me to devour late at night!
Along with some presents, my folks got him a card that sang a tune every time you open it. He has since worn that card out, but when he first got it, he kept re-opening it and urging us to dance. He was having a wonderful time boogying with everyone, and I think he got just as much enjoyment out of watching all of us - and our neighbors probably think we are all crazy!

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