Thursday, August 27, 2009

So, I haven't blogged in a while.......

So, we have been spending a lot of relaxing time at home lately. Drew goes back to work on Monday, and I go back to work the day after Labor Day. We have been taking some time to be with each other, and enjoy the last moments of our special summer.
One of the reasons this has been such a special summer is that we have spent some great time hanging out with our favorite friends, Aleshia, Jeff, and their daughter Paige. We went over to their house last Friday for the football game and had such a wonderful time. I did, however, feel like I was packing for a 2 week vacation just to go over there with 2 children!!
Paige is expecting her little brother to come in early October, so it is great for her to get used to having a baby around the house. Plus, he is so cuddly, and starting to be so alert!

One of the highlights of Dylan and Paige playing was their dancing/wrestling. Us adults sat around while they acted like crazy people just giggling at their antics. Well, that, and trying to keep them from bonking their head on the fireplace. It is so interesting for Drew and I to watch Dylan with other children. Obviously, he is around other kids all day at daycare, but we aren't there to watch him interact with them. He and Paige are such great friends.
Once the dancing and wrestling act were over, they camped out in Paige's bed, watching Little Einsteins, I think... They were so tired, and Dylan even slept until 7 the next morning!!

Thanks for having us over guys! It is always so great!

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