Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Magic Pills

So, my time of spending lazy mornings with Cody while watching the Ellen Show while drinking a pot of coffee are soon coming to a close. I won't have any afternoons to finish the laundry before Dylan comes home, and I am sure my house won't be as clean as I have been used to. Drew has started his new job, and is enjoying/loathing the new stress that comes with it. On top of that, next Tuesday will be my first day back at work. No one at home full time - augh!

As some of you know, I try to be a very scheduled person. A level of anxiety has developed in me wondering how everything will work in the next couple of weeks. Who will drop Dylan off at daycare? What time will I get to work? What time will I get home? When will Drew and I work out? How in the world will I get everything done in the evenings and on the weekends? On top of all of that, how will my kids ever get the attention that they are used to?

On the other hand, there are a lot of women who have two children, work full time, and manage to keep everything running at home. I am sure, however, that they are taking some sort of magical prescription to give them an endless supply of energy. How do I ask my doctor to prescribe me some of those pills? This up-coming schedule that I have meticulously thought about for the last month is totally all mine. Of course, Drew hasn't put any pressure on me regarding any of the daily tasks that I feel should be done, and I am sure that while I will be able to do it for the first couple of weeks, I will crash and burn at some point, and my floors will go a full month without being vacuumed. Somehow, I think that everyone will survive..... I think.....
In preparation for us both going back to work and in celebration of 4 years of wedded bliss, Drew and I spent the weekend alone in Wisconsin Dells. My mom and dad spent some quality time with the boys, and Drew and I were able to take time together without little people around, well at least not our little people. Everyone else's crazy toddlers/teenagers were running around like mad people, and a weird thing was, it made us miss our crazies. Even Boomer! It is amazing how time away can make you appreciate everything you have at home. Although we spent some great time talking together about things other than bills and taking out the garbage, we still found each other wondering about the boys. Are they pooping? Is Dylan being a good boy? Is Cody sleeping okay?
We were able to spend time doing things we haven't done in a while together - mini golf, bowling, playing pool... And even though it was the coldest weekend to spend in the Waterpark Capital of the World, we did manage to go down one water slide and spend some harrowing moments in the wave pool. Somehow, even though it was cloudy and it was an indoor wave pool, I got sunburned a little - how pathetic is that. I bet I am the only person in the history of sunburns to get beet red on a cloudy day indoors...

Anyway, I am sure that everything will work itself out in the next week. This will probably cause me some stress and anxiety on Tuesday, and I may be a harried version of myself, but I will get through it. Not only that, but my house will still be standing when I get home from work, and my laundry will still be sitting on the floor waiting for me.

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