Saturday, September 19, 2009

She's a Superstar!

My mom stays with Cody during the day until Norma, our daycare provider has an opening in November. She has done wonders for us!

When Dylan was a baby, I was extremely regimented with his feedings and naps, and although Cody's feedings are still at regular intervals during the day, I was content with him sleeping in his swing instead of his crib because it made him happy. His first weeks were fairly traumatic, and I wanted to do anything that would keep him from being unhappy and crying. Since my mom has been here, he has started to appreciate and need time in his bed sleeping - wonders! Last night, he was pretty fussy, and didn't want anything to do with me or his swing, which I am probably too quick to put him in. I figured I would try and lay him down in his crib, and he melted into his mattress. I actually had to wake him up to have one more feeding before I went to bed. Drew and I looked at each other after I laid him down, and realized that we were all alone! No baby or toddler to be seen - each both sleeping soundly in their own beds!

Not only has she helped Cody get into a regular routine, but she cooks, cleans, does laundry, and buys groceries! Her help has made this transition so effortless. Last night when Drew and I got home, dinner was in the oven, and for once, we were able to go through the evening without asking the dreaded question, "What do you want for dinner?" Her help has made this transition absolutely effortless, and I trust her without question to care for my young son. She cares for him exactly like I would, makes him laugh, and takes him out during the day. There is not one person that I would rather be with him, and I am dreading the day when we don't see her everyday. Not only will I miss her and the help she provides, but I know that Cody will miss her voice and kisses. I hope that she truly understands how much I appreciate her presence in our home and in our lives, what a special mom and grammie we have in our lives!

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