Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things may be changing.....

Thus far, I have used my blog to share our adventures with our two beautiful boys. However, as I have made the transition back to work, I have decided to use it as my personal journal. So many women have intelligent, funny, inspiring blogs out there, and I want to follow suit. They are courageously honest, and blog without boundaries. While I think that some boundaries need to be kept, I want to push myself to live beyond a smily facade and be candid with my feelings and experiences.

I find, however, that the thought of blogging like this scares me. It is one thing to have honest feelings, and share those feelings with the closest people around me. To write them down is a completely different story - not only do I have to re-read what I have wrote, but other people will read it too. I worry that I will be judged and criticized for those feelings and actions, but somehow, I have to break free from that and push forward to be the best person I can. I am hoping that by penning those thoughts and actions, some of my most undesirable traits can be aired and possibly remedied. And, while I am trying to be honest, my main goal is to keep the people closest to me from any hurt from this blog. Trust me, there will be a filter on my thoughts as I type away.....

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