Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm having a moment. I ate too much El Loro mexican with Aleshia, which has made my once-cute jeans seem far too small for my expanding ass, my eyes are so tired and dry that you would think I plucked them straight from the Sahara, and I feel like I have to suck in my belly every time I walk around. Trying to have good posture with a bit of a suck-in causes my back to strain, and the cute sweater that I put on this morning is far too hot. Not only that, but if I didn't have to go pick up Dylan after work, I would seriously think about stripping my bra off and unbuttoning my pants in the car and driving home in comfort rather than confinement. It upsets me that the afternoon is taking so long and I wish I were at home wearing the pajama pants that I inherited from Drew drinking a nice glass of wine. The only problem with drinking the wine is that it will make me tired - I mean more tired than I already am...

Last night started off well with Dylan marching sweetly into his room at 8:00pm, and Cody settling into his crib at 10. The littlest Hageman awoke at 12:45 am ready to eat again, which he did with fervor, and we were back in bed by 1:15am. Until 3:45am when Dylan woke up with a disastrous diaper overload that smelt way too bad, crawling into our bed exclaiming that he was wet... Yes, buddy, I can tell! Drew got up and we changed his diaper, not bothering to put on any other clothes. We snuggled in, and my hopes for Dylan to fall back asleep were in vain, and he spent the next hour playing with my hair and plugging my nose. Needless to say, I was so tired that even though he talked the entire time, I snoozed in and out until Cody woke to eat again at 4:45am. Yes, folks, if you haven't caught it, I have been awake (for the most part) until 3:45 this morning... Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Maybe that glass of wine will do me a little good this evening. One glass - any more than that, and I will completely pass out from exhaustion, and wake up sometime in 2025, just in time for Dylan's high school graduation....

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