Friday, October 30, 2009

and the weekend hasn't even begun.....

When I went back to work in September, I planned to have the last two days off in October from work. I planned to spend some quality time with my boys and with my mom. Thursday was her last day at the house on a weekly basis, and I wanted for us to do something special to enjoy it. Norma also had a couple of days off, taking a much needed getaway to Vegas - both to get some time away, and to retreat from this rainy weather we have been experiencing.

On Thursday morning, I spent a couple of extra moments in bed, relaxing while my boys slept in, which is something that doesn't happen very often. My mom arrived around 7am, and I had a pot of coffee brewing and the dishes done - I wanted to get the chores out of the way in order to truly enjoy my day. I took Dylan to get his flu shot - a little late, I know - but he was such a good boy and didn't even cry. He even earned two huge stickers!

We decided to take the boys to the Mall of America - both to Legoland and to Underwater Adventures. Dylan had a great time creating things out of those tiny legos, and like usual, played very well with the other youngsters. Then it was time to go see the fish, and he walked through with his eyes as big as saucers. He loved watching the stingrays swim over our heads, and I loved watching the turtles swim along the bottom of the ocean (I mean pool). By the time lunch rolled around, we had some quick mac 'n cheese, and proceeded home for a little cat nap.

Today, the boys and I were on our own. We decided to take a jaunt to Target: there were some pictures that I wanted to develop, and we could always use some item from the grocery end of the store. We walked around and looked at the Halloween decorations, preparing for tomorrow. Dylan also wanted to look at the Christmas decorations that they already have displayed, and I am sure he would think it was the bees knees if we got an enormous blow-up Santa for our front yard. When we got home, both of the boys were extremely hungry, and yep, you got it right, I had to prop up Cody's bottle in order to feed Dylan in a hurry. No one wanted to wait, so it was a race to feed them before we had a war on our hands!

By the end of the day, we were all so excited for Drew to come home and relax with us. I had dinner in the crock pot, candles lit, and the house in reasonably clean condition. I have to say that these last two days were the best that I have had with both of the boys together. Maybe I have become more accostomed to have two little ones, or maybe that antidepressant I have been taking is finally kicking in....

I am really looking forward to hanging out with Batman, Superman, Tigger, Pumpkin, Aleshia, Jeff and Drew tomorrow night. We are going to have a great Halloween being with great friends. Not only did I have a couple of wonderful days behind me, but I have a couple of awesome days ahead of me too.

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