Friday, October 2, 2009

Hugging him as tight as I could

Tonight, I spent some great time with Aleshia and her new baby boy, Quinn. He is a beautiful boy, and such a blessing. Our time was spent in her warm room, with the lights down low. It was so stress-free, and the baby slept through almost my entire visit. He did decide to open his eyes just to little slits, and he couldn't decide whether he wanted to hold my hand or not. When he did, though, his long fingers clutched tightly around my pointer. He still had the new baby smell, and I couldn't kiss his little cheeks enough. What a great little buddy Cody will have.

Along with enjoying the cuddliness of a baby less than 24 hours old, I enjoyed the time with my best friend. She and I find that laughter comes easily, and we never run out of things to talk about. I am thankful that our families are growing and growing up together. So many great memories of Dylan's life are also filled with memories of Paige, and soon, we will have memories with our new babies together (and the pictures to remember them).

When I got home from the hospital, I was feeling very nostalgic, and was a little blue that Dylan was already tucked in for the night. I decided to take a chance; maybe he would still be awake, and I could shower him with kisses. I went into his room, thinking that he would already be asleep, but I soon heard his sweet little voice say, "Hi mommy." I couldn't resist, and I laid down with him, pulling him as close to me as I possibly could, put my head on his pillow, and took in his sweet smell and little body relaxing next to mine. What a sweet boy. As I enjoyed a moment with my first-born, I said a little prayer of thanks. Not just a prayer for my sons, but for Quinn as well.

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