Sunday, October 11, 2009


Because of our careers, Drew and I usually arrive home with some stress still on our shoulders. I tend to use my commute home to unwind - hoping that I can be phone-less for a few precious moments. Drew doesn't have the same opportunity for solace; he was still receiving emails at 10 o'clock last night. We work very hard to put aside the problems from the day when we are with the boys - time with them flies by so quickly. Unfortunately between potty training, dishes, laundry, dinner, tubby time, and exhaustion, patience can grow a little thin.

About the time when Drew and I wonder how we are going to keep it all together, my mom offers to watch the boys while we enjoy a night out. We are always quick to accept, and I look forward to our time together so much. Last Sunday, we went out for one of those evenings - watching the baseball game while enjoying dinner and nice conversation. When dinner was done, though, we were both eager to get home to tuck our bears into bed for the night. As we walked in the door, Dylan swooped around the corner with his Batman cape on and surprised us both - what a wonderful sight! He is planning on being "Matman" for Halloween, and this mask and cape combo is by far his favorite part of his costume. He runs around swishing his cape back and forth and wears it everywhere he can: to bed, to daycare, everywhere.

These are the moments that help us remember to love our boys, no matter what the rest of our days hold. Since then, I have come home with more of a spring in my step - just waiting for the next time I can be with them.

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