Saturday, October 24, 2009

So many thoughts.....

I have been seriously lacking in the creative juices department lately. I have been taking a breather from blogging - hoping that I can harness my energy into my new healthier lifestyle and spending time with the boys. The new healthy me takes a lot more brainpower than I am used to, and I find myself dreaming in calories and target heart rates. When I'm not obsessing about working out and eating right, I am thinking about work. While I had a stellar October, it will soon be November, and I will be starting all over - something I am not excited to do.

This weekend, we spent some great time with the boys - picking out pumpkins and carving them. Drew and I were pretty excited to carve them, unfortunately Dylan wasn't as excited as we were. He sat there while we were gutting these pumpkins, and then he trotted off, much more interested in cartoons and cars than pumpkin faces and seeds.

It's during these times, when I take time to slow down my mind, that I realize that there have been more highlights in the last two weeks in the Hageman house. Cody has started to be aware enough to enjoy time in his exersaucer - and he is so strong! He kicks his little legs whenever he gets excited, and Dylan is enjoying "showing him the ropes"! I can't believe that the little tiny peanut we brought home is almost ready to start eating cereal and sitting up on his own. I don't remember Dylan moving through the stages this quickly, and the sentimental mom part of me is sad that time is flying by so rapidly.

Lastly, Drew and I have been trying to spend some quality relaxation time together. It helps that both of the boys are usually in bed by 8:30pm, and we can spend the next hour or so talking or sitting in complete silence - to be honest, I am usually talking and Drew is the silent one!

We did take the opportunity on Saturday night to watch some movies, and we had a "mall-cop marathon". Drew wishes that I would be willing to have movie nights more often, and after having such a good time, I think that we will have to do it again soon.

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