Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I love the crisp air and leaves, football, and apple cider that are characteristic of my favorite season. In previous years, I have enjoyed baking and eating apple crisp, lounging on the couch watching sports and drinking beer, and becoming less active the colder the weather becomes. It seems as though the more layers of clothes I wear, the thicker the layer of fat grows on my body - it's like I am getting ready to hibernate, but never have the time to actually go to bed.....

This year, much like the leaves and their beautiful colors, has become a season of change for me. I have completed my first month of P90X and while the greatest change in me has been largely because of my change in diet, my evening workouts have been refreshing as well. There are definitely times that I wonder why I am giving this so much effort - it's so much easier to be a slug on the couch and wear baggier and baggier sweat pants. But, thankfully, I keep lacing up my shoes, putting in the DVD, watching the minutes pass until I can go upstairs and spend the evening with my family.

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