Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lately, by the time 2:00 rolls around each afternoon, I find myself exhausted and my mind completely shot. I somehow manage to finish my workday and drive home in a daze. Usually I keep my cell phone in my purse, enjoying a few moments of solitude sandwiched between talking all day to my customers and talking, singing, and sometimes negotiating with my kids. By the time I pull down Norma's street, however, I get a second wind and become excited to again put on my "mom hat" and hang with my favorite guys. These are the sweetest faces, and although I feel like they are sucking the life and energy from me, they are the best people in my life. I have found it so interesting how individuals who have no life experience can teach an adult more about themselves than colleagues, friends, and mentors. Their laughs, smiles, and exuberance dwarfs and humbles me, causing me to reassess my strengths and weaknesses every day. It is then that I realize that we are taking this journey of life together.
So often, I find myself thinking about what it will be like as they grow and mature. I wonder who they will become through the years, and I quickly pray that I will have enough patience, wisdom, and persuasion to help keep them on the right path. My greatest fear is that I won't be enough for them; I will fail them somehow. It's then that I realize that we are doomed to fail each other more than once, it is our human nature. The goal is to instill forgiveness and empathy in my boys to handle these situations with grace. If we can teach them these simple, yet difficult lessons, they will indeed grow to be wonderful humans.

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