Sunday, November 1, 2009

My little racers!

My sister-in-law, Sarah, sent these wonderful pajamas for the boys, and they are the first matching outfits that I have for them. I am not a real fan of dressing your children alike, but these sleepers are absolutely adorable! They are little race car driver suits, and they are nice and warm!

Moments like these normally hit me like a freight train. Wow - not only am I a mother of two, but my boys are growing up so fast. Dylan is really getting tall now, and is losing his baby face. Cody will be 4 months old this next week, and while it feels like he has been here forever, these 4 months have flown by. He can even sit by his brother for his crazy mother to take his picture!

Lastly, while they sit next to each other like this, I can see that while they each have distinct features of their own, they are definitely brothers (not that I was doubting it at all...)

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