Monday, December 7, 2009

The best plans....

So, with my Holiday plans fresh in my mind, we embarked on the weekend with very high hopes. Saturday morning, I made an appointment for a much-needed haircut for Dylan. I put nicer clothes on both of the boys, with the idea that maybe we could get a nice picture with Santa for our annual Christmas cards. After assuring Drew that I hadn't fallen off the crazy horse, we set off. Dylan looked so handsome after his haircut, and he was so excited to see Santa.

As we arrived at Rosedale and took our place in line, it became apparent that I wasn't the only parent to dress up their child. We were behind boys in suits, girls in dresses, and even one little boy dressed in a tuxedo with a bright red cumberbund. My boys in their khakis and sweaters didn't look so crazy after all! Slowly, the line moved, and our turn was coming up. At that exact moment, Cody decided to gift us with poop. Yep, right in line, he scrunched up his face and grunted - causing the parents surrounding us to giggle and comment to their spouse, "aren't you glad that isn't us?!?" Drew pretty much sprinted to the bathroom to change him, and for once during the hour and 15 minute wait I wished that time would slow down, making it possible for both of my children to be in this much-anticipated picture. Drew arrived with a clean baby, and I prepared both of the boys to meet Santa.

As we approached Santa sitting in his big chair, I could tell Dylan was a little hesitant. Of course, he climbed in his lap with no problem, but by golly, he had no plans of looking or talking to Santa, and smile for the picture? Forget it. As both boys were perched with Santa, we took several pictures hoping to get "the one" with no avail. We were quickly hussled through by the picture staff, which charged us an exorbitant $17 for two 3 x 5's. As we were leaving, however, Dylan suddenly realized that he hadn't given Santa his wish list. As he got closer and closer to breakdown mode, we walked quicker and quicker to the car. And, although we got his favorite chicken nuggets for lunch, he was inconsolable. The longer we were away from Santa, the worse Dylan felt. He was afraid that he wasn't going to get any presents, and he only stopped crying long enough to take a gander at the pictures of Cody and him smiling with the very jolly Santa.

While I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the outing as well, the picture is actually very cute. While it took me a few moments to digest the past 2 hours, I was back in the Holiday spirit ready to continue with my list. Dylan, however, wasn't. He was ready for his snooze of the day, and after a little thought, I decided it was a good idea. We all hunkered down for a while, catching up on desperately needed sleep.

After waking, we were back in the game. Drew wanted to take advantage of a sale at Toys R Us, and while most of the purchases would be for Dylan, I decided that it would be best if my oldest son accompanied me to Target. When we all reconvened at home, the sparkle of Christmas was in Drew's eye, and I could tell that it had been a great trip. The best part of buying presents for your children for Christmas is that we get to enjoy the toys as much, and maybe more, than they do.

Saturday movie night came and went, and once Sunday was through, we had finished my holiday to-do list. I was quickly reminded that life is not what you plan, but what you experience. It's like when your kid does the cutest thing, and the moment you want for them to show someone else their trick, they look at you like you were the spawn of some alien race from Mars. And, while planning is part of my nature, experiencing life as it comes at you is far more exciting.

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