Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally getting in the Holiday spirit!

Although we set up our indoor Christmas decorations unseasonably early this year - a week before our Thanksgiving vacation - I am finally getting in the Christmas spirit. This weekend is full of Holiday plans: visiting Santa, making Christmas cookies, Christmas shopping, and putting up the garland and lights outside. Dylan is getting more and more excited with each passing day.

And while watching Holiday movies like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Shrek the Halls can really add to the mood, it can make some of us very, very tired. Cody isn't the only one that is exhausted around here - we have all been retreating to bed every night early and hoping for a solid night's rest. It just seems as though the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is shorter and shorter every year, and each year, I am less prepared for the festivities than the one before.

While everything can be stressful and overwhelming, I am fondly looking forward to waking up on Christmas day, showing Dylan how to check to see if Santa left a stocking full of goodies overnight. I am sure that he will rip through the perfectly wrapped gifts soon afterward and start to play with the toys that I have yet to buy. I guess that everything will fall into place, just like it does every year. Right now, I am far too tired to worry about which cookies to bake, or which toys to buy.........

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