Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hurried and Stressed...

Tonight I wanted to blog to unwind. My afternoon was spent hurrying around the sales floor, my heels becoming more uncomfortable with each step. My thoughts are consumed with finishing 2009 with a bang; my motivations pushing me to close every sale. Unfortunately, tonight my work came home with me, and I have been dreaming of sleep so that I can go back to finish it all up. I know, I know, how crazy am I to wish I was back at work. Tomorrow is simply an open item on my to-do list - one that desperately needs to be checked off. Once that is done, I am hoping that I can forget all about work during my vacation with my family.

Yep, that's right - we are heading off to Mexico with the boys. My psyche is worried about sickness, recalling our last Mexico disaster when Dylan got terribly sick from a child at daycare before we left. I am praying with all of my might that our vacation goes as smoothly as it does in my mind, with us enjoying the sand, surf, and sun all week. I won't actually have access to email, Facebook, or my blog for the whole week, and although I am excited to be completely disconnected, I am a little nervous that the outside world will function just fine without me.

Well, I feel so much better to get that off my chest - and after the work day is done, I will focus on packing our bags and packing up Christmas. Whew - I need to stop drinking coffee, and start relaxing. (Picture in your mind that my mind is racing with these thoughts - just read this entire post in 3 seconds......)

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