Saturday, December 19, 2009

What does it mean to be "madly in love"?

You have all seen them: the annoying Christmas jewelry store commercials where a man, after a quick embrace from his favorite girl, surprises her with a fabulous diamond-something. Those people are clearly "madly in love". My best friend, Aleshia, called me after reading my last post, and rhetorically asked me if I had a glass of wine next to me as I wrote it. Of course, I replied - knowing full well that the only chance I get to write is after both of the boys have gone to bed.

"Madly in love?" she asked. "You're madly in love? That sounds like a romance novel where the two main characters are ripping off each others clothing, barely making it to the..." Of course, she knows that Drew and I are like most couples, where declaring love is best done in anniversary cards. We pick our battles, I tell her. We both have our faults, and our partner knows exactly what they are. I have a tendency to become stressed and cranky in large crowds, he doesn't remember to turn off lights. In our house, however, they rarely become a problem. He has learned how to "de-stress" me, I have learned to walk behind him, quietly darkening a room before leaving for work in the morning. Rarely do they become more than a slight annoyance; only once in a blue moon do they spark an argument.

After the hilarious conversation with her about the recent post, I was interested to see Drew's reaction to the whole situation. He hadn't seen my last post, and although he had a great day as well, I was a little nervous with my selection of wording regarding our relationship. As I relayed my conversation with her in play-by-play mode, I felt my face redden and my voice quiet. I assumed that he would find the whole interaction to be embarrasing, and this would be the first time that I truly stepped over the invisible boundary that I have tried to hard to stay within. It was then that he leaned over and kissed me telling me, "I'm madly in love with you too".

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