Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cancun 2010

This post is long overdue, but with my frantic jump back into the cold pool called reality, I have barely had time to remember our trip. We had a wonderful time, our children traveling like true champions, enjoying every moment in the sun that they possibly could. While Cody slept by the pool, Dylan splashed in the warm water. With each afternoon passing, I tried to stop time, wanting to be engaged for every moment. Each morning we would watch the news, snickering when we heard the forecast for Minnesota; we knew that the paradise we were enjoying was far warmer than the cold tundra we would go home to.

While clouds were passing by each day, I found solace in their dance with sun, worrying everyday that one of my precious boys would get sunburned.

Cody loved the pool, and while he didn't spend nearly as much time there as Dylan did, he learned to splash, which will make his tubby times much more interesting, I'm sure.

Each day, the kids would have activities. While Dylan loved to hang around the other children, his shy side came out. He was hesitant to reach out to them, and rarely spoke. The smile on his face, however, reminded me that he was having a wonderful time.

One of his favorite activities was getting his face painted. Of course, it started to wash off the moment he bounded back to the pool, and he spent the next three days with what seemed like dark eyeliner rimming his eyes, but he thought it was wonderful. The woman who painted his face captured it all by saying, "No more Dylan, now you are Batman..."

Drew and I were able to get away a couple of evenings, leaving Grammie and Grampie in charge of the troop. We enjoyed a Mexican show with a wonderful buffet, singing karaoke, and generally being together.

Although we enjoyed a kid-free time, we also had a blast playing with the kids in the pool and sand. As the time ticked on throughout the week, Dylan became more and more brave in the pool. He stopped clinging to me like mold on cheese when we were in the deep end of the pool, and although he had a couple of unintentional dunks in the shallow end, by the end of the week, there were definitely less tears.

I am so very thankful that Drew and I were able to experience this with our boys. This is the first of many trips to Mexico, and the beginning of very happy memories year after year.

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