Saturday, January 30, 2010

I went crazy and then I cleaned...

After some thinking today, I realized that I am bored. How can a mother of two people under the age of 3 be bored, you ask? Well, Drew and I have had one project or another going for the last 5 years, and suddenly things have slowed. No landscaping to be done in the middle of the winter, and no projects to do left inside of the house. I have had my thoughts going to actually re-doing some things around the house, and after some discussion with Drew, I realized that I wanted to paint, decorate, and basically do something.

Of course, Drew thinks that I am crazy. I think I'm crazy. All of a sudden, I realized that I haven't been cleaning like normal, doing laundry like normal, and basically keeping up this house of ours like normal. So, I cleaned. I scrubbed the range for the first time in weeks (gross!), I did some nasty laundry, and I finally feel like the old me.

However, instead of focusing on projects, cleaning my oven, and matching the socks that my dryer eats, maybe I should be focusing on these two instead!

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