Thursday, February 4, 2010

My beautiful friend

Roses are lovely and intoxicating,
with each petal more exquisite than the next.
You can rarely pass it without taking in its sweet scent,
and you long for the next time you can breathe in its beauty.
With the most gentle of care, the flower blooms and opens,
and displays itself in its bounty.

I find that our friendship is like this rose,
So wonderful from the first minute we met.
But as the time passed and our friendship grew,
The petals started to open, and the flower grew more beautiful.
But we are different - flowers wilt and die, their life only fleeting.
And our friendship will last forever.

Thank you for being my very best friend. You help me to see the laughter within the sadness, and our friendship is truly one of my life's greatest joys.
I enjoy experiencing motherhood next to you, each of us sharing stories of our babies together.
Thank you for being the best listening ear no matter if I am up or down, and for helping me remember to slow down and enjoy life.

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