Sunday, February 7, 2010

One amazing woman!

Like I mentioned in my blog last night, we took our yearly family photos yesterday with Gina Zeidler. In my normal over-controlling nature, I had been mentally preparing us for weeks. What we were going to wear, what toys we were going to bring, how we were going to bribe our children to be pleasant and smily for these much-anticipated shots.

Thankfully, I made the best decision of all with our photographer. Gina was a joy to be around, and she somehow caught the best sides of Dylan and Cody (and Drew and me, I guess) in the photos. She was a pro with handling our out-of-control, energetic toddler, and with some songs and goofy noises from me, happened to catch some beautiful smiles from my baby. I was immediately put at ease with her, and the stress that I had been trying to suppress all week suddenly melted away. Drew even noticed, and complimented me on my calmness during hour and a half we were with her. I think that it had much more to do with her than my all-of-a-sudden change in nature.

I would suggest, no wait, STRONGLY URGE you to book her. The sneak peek pictures she has already sent me are UNBELIEVABLE and I can't believe that she had the time in her already-busy schedule to download them already. I have posted a link to her blog and website - please visit it.

Please take a moment and enjoy her work - I can't stop looking at our pictures!

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  1. Wow! What beautiful pictures. May I just say that you are a stunning mother. You are absolutely beautiful. Your husband is a blessed man, your children are also blessed to have you. Sounds like you are a blessed wife and mother as well!
    What a beautiful family!