Monday, April 19, 2010

Here I am - Finally!

Well - a whole lot has happened - and I have been very... Well, I guess I don't really have any excuses for my absence. This blog has been on my mind, and I have been very nervous about what this post would look like. So, we are starting over, and my committment has been reinvigorated. For ease, I will list what has happened in our lives in the last few weeks - and I promise, I mean really promise, that my blog will again have pictures. Maybe not tonight, but soon.

1. We were plagued with a cold or allergies, and I actually felt like I was going to die.
2. Cody popped 2 new teeth on the bottom making him look like a jack o'lanturn, oh, and we have 2 more coming in on top.
3. He has also started to master crawling - which makes our lives again more interesting.
4. We have started our spring ritual of yard work, which is great for the lawn, bad for everything else.
5. Work has been really crazy lately, causing me to focus on that a lot outside of that enormous campus.
6. Hmmm, what else? There has to be more!
7. Sleep has been very erratic - see number #2.
8. Dylan has started his speech therapy, and is making huge strides in his confidence and words. We can have a conversation with him now!
9. Style has been on my mind lately - mainly because I have been doing pretty well with P90X.
10. We are preparing more for both of our high school reunions this summer - again, refer to #9.

I think that that should do it - and trust me, I won't be away for so long ever again. Whew, that wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated!

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