Thursday, April 22, 2010

Muddy Travels

Drew and I have embarked on a psyche shift. A paradigm, if you will. I have finally accepted the fact that I am quickly approaching 30 - and shall never see the ripe age of 23 again. We can no longer keep hiding behind the phrase, "oh, we don't have to do that now. We have plenty of time." Because, truth is, time keeps ticking, and we need to start accomplishing things on our "list". We need to start moving forward - not simply spinning our wheels on this muddy road.

Our list doesn't include traveling, buying fancy cars (anymore!), or walking around with purses that cost more than our mortgage. Our list has quickly changed to living without that said mortgage payment, providing a college education for our sons, and basically planning for the future - whatever that may hold. And while Drew is better at the short-term goals, it's my persistence that will help us achieve our long-term ones as well. I get too "control-freaky" about the day to day, but I can look ahead and manage our plan. A plan that we have decided on - we have agreed on - a plan we will accomplish together. Because going on this road, while it's not fun, it's a struggle, it's going to get you dirty, is only good if I am traveling with my favorite co-pilot.

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