Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Adventures

I felt like my work-week was a month long, so I was really looking forward to spending some time with my most favorite people. I started my day with my workout (thank goodness I had the discipline to do that right away!) and I spent the morning with my mom at a Womens' Banquet at Westwood Church. We enjoyed the brunch, fashion show, music and company. What a wonderful start to my day! As I pulled into my driveway, I was anxious to see my boys, wondering how they had spent their morning with Daddy. Everyone was in a good mood, and Drew only had happy things to report!

The boys had played well together, spending most of the morning on our living room rug - where Cody can move and find all of Dylan's most favorite toys. Fortunately, Dylan didn't get too upset with him, and was loving every moment of playing with his little brother.

After some nap time (yep - I had one too!), we went to the Shoreview Community Center to play at the Tropics Waterpark. This was Dylan's treat for gaining enough marbles. Both of the boys enjoyed playing and splashing into the water, although Dylan was much more cautious than his innocent brother. He clung onto either Drew or I like a monkey. In fact, when I mentioned that to him, he was quick to tell me, "but Mommy, I'm your Little Bear!"

Of course, Cody was ready to leave the water a little sooner than Dylan, so he and I had a good chance to cuddle and do some classic people watching. It was so interesting to see people interacting with their children, and some parents had already been pushed to their limit! The room was extremely humid, probably to keep all of us warm, and there were children of all ages jumping, yelling, and generally having a good time all over!

Once we arrived home, Drew made his wonderful hamburgers, and the boys played until they were both ready for bed (Dylan needed a little more convincing than his brother, however). What a great day - making memories and having fun.

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