Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

I was very excited to start my Memorial Day weekend full of fun with my boys. Little did I know what I was about to encounter! We had many things on our to-do list, all of which included the yard. I have been a little slow getting moving with my normal weeding and planting, mostly because I have been busy doing stuff on the inside of the house. But this weekend, I was determined to raid my nemisis of it's new home: the maple tree helicopter from my rock beds. After an intense workout, I strapped the leaf sucker to my back and proceeded to start "vacuuming" the rocks - seeing very little progress. These little spawn simply piss me off, swearing year after year that we are going to cut down the enormous tree in our backyard to keep me from having to do this another spring. I always go back on my word, however, when I am sitting under it's beautiful branches with a breeze blowing in my hair. I made it through another year of literal back-breaking work - so far.

Once I felt like I had conquered that monster, I focused more on hanging with the guys. Cody's personality is really blossoming now, and he makes Drew and I laugh on a daily basis. He is sly - moving very quickly, but with little noise. All of a sudden, you will look and see him with this goofy smile on his face, excited that he has found you!

Dylan has had more energy lately than ever before. Today, I actually thought that it is impossible to tire out that boy - after spending the majority of the day in our beautiful backyard, he was still running around like a crazy man at 7:30 tonight!!

Drew had a chance this weekend to take Dylan on his first fishing trip - which is definitely something that they were both looking forward to. Daddy bought him his first fishing pole (Spiderman, of course) and Dylan had a boat-load (sorry for the pun!) of fun casting in the garage. After bed on Friday, though, Drew and I poured over it to try to unknot the line and mess that that little boy created! It was then that I realized it was probably a better idea that Cody and I stay home for this first excursion - this control-freak woman wouldn't be able to handle the craziness!

Dylan had a great time casting, reeling in, and touching the sunnies. Although he was pricked, he warmed up to the idea of fishing rather quickly, and I feel like it took the entire weekend of constantly washing his hands to rid them of the fish smell! I suppose it's about time to get used to that boy smelling like fish!!

After a busy day, Drew decided to set up a fire in our pit to enjoy the evening. This was also a first for Dylan - learning about fire safety and playing in the backyard until near-dusk was a blast for him! Not only that, but Drew and I sincerely appreciated that fire well into the evening after both of the boys were retired for the night.
Wow - I feel like while I am going into pretty good detail about our weekend, but there was so much to be greatful for and enjoy with my family. These guys are by far the reason that I am so thankful for my freedom, and I appreciate that all of the time. But there is nothing like a long weekend to bring extra attention to them, and all of the other people who have to leave their families to fight for mine. Thank you.

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