Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last few weeks of babyhood...

I have been trying to wrap my head around the fact that the youngest member of our family will soon be turning one. Cody is indeed, the most wonderful gift to the three of us. He completes our family with a sureness that reminds me that God chose to give me the most wonderful children of all.

The pure thought of his little face growing up causes tears to well in my eyes - thinking that one day, a day that will approach with wicked swiftness, he won't need his mommy anymore makes me sad. As we transition to a forward-facing carseat, and opt for whole milk rather than formula, I longingly wish that we could relive moments from the past year. Less than a year ago, he was just a little munchkin that lived warmly and comfortably in my belly. Now he has learned to squeal and laugh and sit and stand.

Babyhood is ending, toddler-dome is quickly coming, and I have no idea how to think of this new stage in our lives. I fear that it will be more rushed and more crazied than it is now - and the only thought consuming me is how to temporarily stop time. Hold this little body in my arms, his sweet personality in my heart, and this memory in my mind forever.

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