Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our strength...

Out of all of the posts that I have poured over, this has by-far been the most emotional, most sentimental, hardest for me to create. It's so hard to put into words how I feel - not nearly enough adjectives to describe my feelings for you. You are the reason we are a family - you are my most favorite.

When you and I met, you weren't used to being with a girl who wasn't afraid of PDA. Not the "wow - you should get a hotel room" kind of PDA, but occasionally walking somewhere holding hands. In fact, grabbing for your hand while we are strolling somewhere with each other has become somewhat of a habit. You don't shy away from showing the world that I am your forever-girlfriend - you not being ashamed to be mine. Now there are other little hands to hold. Little fingers grasping us - little arms beckoning hugs and comfort.

Through this life, you are the strength that holds me together. I wouldn't the mommy I am without you being the daddy. You are amazing, even in the moments that make us wonder why we decided to go on this crazy journey with these two crazy passengers. Our road of life has become more like the Audobon lately, with our internal odometer moving upward with each passing moment. While I feel rushed, though, you are the one that holds each memory tightly - helping me remember to slow down.

Thank you for being tender with them one moment, and then wrestling with them the next. Thank you for stepping in when I am about to explode, and thank you for using your booming voice when they really need to listen. Thank you for being my partner against the world, and thank you for supporting me. Thank you for living in the moment, and thank you for being excited for what the future may hold. Thank you for unendlessly loving our two boys and thank you for being in love with me. Very simply, thank you for holding my hand.

We love you - I love you.

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