Friday, July 16, 2010

My Baby

Cody has turned one - his birthday came and went with unfortunate swiftness.

As I think about my special boy, now no longer a baby, I have sweet memories and lovely dreams for him. He has a very different personality from his brother, which is great. Cody will be my wild-child - pushing every limit and probably causing my hair to grey sooner than his brother would. He can definitely hold his own - one key trait to having a much bigger brother around. When Dylan gets on Cody's nerves, he is quick to defend himself, and vocally let me know that he has been wronged. Not only has he asserted himself with Dylan, but he has with Drew and I as well. There has been more than one time when it was very clear that he wanted to do what he wanted to do - and clearly I was standing in his way. One day, I was literally standing between him and the fun time splashing in Boomer's water bowl. After giving me a couple of headbuts, he sat back on his haunches and slapped my leg... Hmmm, this is going to be interesting.

His sweetness wins over my heart every time, though. Not only will he be a wild boy, but he will most definitely be a lady's man. His beautiful smile and infectious laugh draw people of all ages towards him, grabbing his chubby little hand and commenting on his good looks. I always tell them that he looks mostly like his Dad. His eyes are wonderfully sweet but always look like he has a secret to share. His sense of humor is off and on - one moment seeming like he is full of goofy medicine, and the other moment particularly silent and solemn. Shows a lot about his personality, I think. Maybe while his looks follow his Dad, his personality is more like mine - funny one moment, and serious the next.

At any rate, while it was wonderful to celebrate my littlest boy, I felt sad. This year has gone so fast - each moment like a movie reel in my mind. Infancy has permanently left this Hageman household - Cody being our last. While those details will come in a later post, this fact did make me even more nostalgic about Cody. Formula has been replaced by milk, bottles replaced by sippy cups. Before I know it, carseats will be replaced with seatbelts, and the joy of holding my hand will be replaced with the excitement of holding the hand of their very first girlfriend - oh my, am I ready for this?!?

I will post a picture montage shortly, but I thought that this video of Cody's first steps would be a great way to commemorate the joy and wonder that this person has been to our family - the final piece to our little puzzle. Cody Bear - you make us complete.
Love you~

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