Monday, August 2, 2010

And I used to hate Tuesdays...

But Mondays became my new nemesis today. Bad, bad day. Too much to actually go into, but as I was wallowing in my anger/sadness/frustration, I began to wonder why I actually do this. Why do I jump in the driver's seat of this crazy bumper car, barely buckling my seat belt before it is propelled with horrible speeds??

I will probably feel differently tomorrow after a good night's sleep (fingers crossed). Of course, then it will be Tuesday, which is normally my shit day of the week. Tuesday will come just in time for my belly to be filled with gas and my tubal ligation to be done. Sweet.

Then it will be Wednesday, a day that I would like to take to recover, but I've got that crazy car with my name on it. It needs a driver, my husband needs a wife, my sons need a Mommy, and work needs to be done.

Wednesday - be nice to me. I don't want to start hating you too.

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