Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes, I just want to bottle him up. I don't want to forget the interesting and funny things he says. My most favorite time with Little Bear is after Cody has gone to sleep and he is winding down for the night. He usually wants to cuddle with me, and his true personality and colors emerge. He tells me interesting stories, and proudly exclaims things about his day. Tonight, after a quick lesson from his Dad, he looked at the clock and in his special whisper voice says, "Mommy look! It's time for bed!" This cute statement was quickly followed by, "I need my energy. I need to sleep! It's time for bed!!"

When he tells me things like "Mommy, you my best friend!" and "Look Mommy! Brother is walking!" I realize how amazing my life is. He is the most wonderful, sensitive little boy. Not only does he consider me his best friend, but he is the best defender for his little brother.

This afternoon, we took Cody for his 12 month wellness check/shots. As the nurses held Cody down, quickly sanitizing his legs for the multitude of shots, Dylan squeezed my hand. I quickly watched sadness creep onto his face, akeenly aware that someone was hurting his little brother. He looked to me for comfort, which I was quick to give - even as Cody was screaming, and clearly needing his Mommy. As the nurses quickly finished, and handed me a red-faced, sad baby, I told Dylan that I would never let anyone hurt him or Cody - they were giving him shots to keep him healthy. Once I had both of them calmed down, I realized that Dylan would go to blows with anyone that hurt his little brother - making me both relieved and queasy at the same time. Notice to all you bullies out there - Dylan will hurt you if you harm his little brother!!

My Little Bear is the most amazing, wonderful, inquisitive, talkative boy. Thank you Lord for him - he is my most favorite Dylan of all time.

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