Thursday, October 21, 2010

A different kind of parenting

Through situations lately, I have been faced with questions. How will I, how will we, parent our boys? How will we help them avoid dangerous pitfalls? How will we keep them safe? The statistics lately have floored me - one in every 4 boys is sexually molested in some fashion before they reach high school. How can my sons remain in the small percentage of people that haven't been violated? Preyed upon?

I can provide them with a warm, loving home, but unfortunately, that isn't always enough. Katie Allison Granju probably asked herself these same questions when her son, Henry was young. I am quite sure that she had the same fears that I have and every other mother in the world has for her children. She provided a loving, family-oriented home with support and hugs. Henry, while he was a sweet, loving boy, he was also terribly addicted to drugs. Through a painful path of sobriety and relapses, he passed away from a head injury caused by a severe beating after a drug deal gone bad and after a lengthy stay in the hospital. I read her blog, that you can find here:, and my heart breaks for her. She has seen her son in his worst condition, imagined a million times his pain during the period of time that 911 was not notified during his ordeal, and she held him while he passed away - MY ABSOLUTE WORST NIGHTMARE.

I cannot mislead my mind to put my parenting skills above her - to somehow think that it couldn't happen to my children, because I love them so much more! That's a silly notion - no mother loves their children better or more than anyone else. This could happen to my children. To my sweet, sweet boys.

I am calling to all of the mothers out there: the mothers who breastfeed, the mothers that bottle feed, the mothers who co-sleep, the mothers who watch their baby fall asleep in their crib, the mothers who hold tiny hands in parking lots, the mothers who religiously attend parent-teacher conferences, the mothers who anxiously watch their newly-licensed teen drive away, to rise up and defend our children. The epidemic of drug abuse, whether occasional marijuana use to prescription medication from grandma's medicine cabinet, needs to end. The deaths need to be vindicated. These drug dealers could prey on my children, they could prey on your children, and unfortunately, they preyed on Henry. We need to stand next to Katie - next to mothers of other beautiful, talented boys and girls - and fight. I ask that you watch her special that will air next Wednesday night at this address: Watch the preview of the special here:

I don't care how often people categorize me as being conservative, over-protective, or whatever other kind of adjective you could to describe me. MY MAIN GOAL IS TO KEEP MY CHILDREN SAFE. And you better believe that I will do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to do so. Whether it's grabbing for my son's hand walking across the parking lot, or quietly saying a prayer when I hand my teenage son the keys to the car, to being another supportive voice for Katie and other mothers who have lost their children, I will do it, and commit myself to being proactive with every fiber of my being.

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