Monday, November 15, 2010

As I pick him up, his body melts into mine and his head rests softly on my shoulder. I have once again solved his problem, and I immediately made him feel more comfortable by bringing him near to me. He hears my heartbeat, and the loud boom of my voice coming through my chest, and appreciates my hand rubbing his back. He is soothed, and as he pulls his head away from my body, his bright smile looking at me lights up my entire world.

While he and I have this familiar exchange often, I don't often think about its significance. I realized, however, that God wishes for me to feel the same comfort with Him. As an adult, the memories of feeling picked up have faded away, and I can't imagine the complete weightlessness I would feel. I know that there are days when I wish I could be picked up, hugged, snuggled, and everything would immediately feel better. Thinking about this parallel between my children and God has put a different spin on my relationship with Christ - He sees me with loving and forgiving eyes, knowing that while I continue to make mistakes (more than I can count in a day, I guarantee it), he wants to love me, teach me, and cherish me. He desperately wants for me to reach up my hands for the simple reason of being comforted and loved.

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