Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oregon - Thanksgiving 2010

So, here we go. Our annual trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving was a great one - with wonderful memories, and thankfully, lots of pictures to commemorate it. So, here are some of my favorites:

Snack time with the four munchkins was a regular occurance - usually with some food littering the floor, and laughs filling the air.

We were able to celebrate Hailey's fourth birthday - a day very special to us. She had a great party at a playground with lots of children and a beautiful cake!

Grandpa giving 3 of the kids a ride!

After a few days, we all ventured to Lincoln City, where we stayed in a rented beach house together. This was our view - so breathtaking. In fact, I couldn't stop taking pictures of our surrounding - the only thing stopping me was the stiff breeze and cool temperatures.

Hailey and Dylan


When the clouds broke, we saw the most brilliant sunsets. As I clicked away with the camera, I caught gorgeous shots that we should frame all over the house!

Janet and Kerry watching the sunsets in front of the deck
Cody Bear

Dylan helping Cousin Emily make lefse - what a wonderful time we all had!! Flour was everywhere, but we haven't all laughed that much around a kitchen island!

The crew after a great Thanksgiving meal - made exclusively by Janet and Eloise.

Hailey got a lot of new games for her birthday - Cousin Kim had fun playing Candy Land, even though the whole idea of "taking turns" wasn't quite the most popular!!
Thanks so much Janet and Kerry for hosting us and renting a beach house for all of us - our children won't get a better chance with their cousins, and we won't get a better chance for great memories!

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