Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wrangling an animal named Cody

Well, folks, we have officially arrived in Oregon. Little did the residents of this great state know what they were getting when the four of us, surrounded by the mounds of our stuff, exited the airplane. The trip went okay, well outside of the woman sitting in front of me that so happily exclaimed that she had arthritis in her spine. Thanks Lady, I will urge my child to kick your seat even harder now...

Anyway, Drew took the brunt of Cody's wiggliness, partly because of arthritis lady, and partly because Cody wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Well, fine then. So, Drew managed to hold on to him for the majority of a very lengthy ride. As we were in flight, while Dylan was watching his movie, Cody was doing moves that no one on the Olympic Figure Skating team could replicate. If we could have watched in slow motion, I am sure that Cody would be awarded some sort of medal for his twists and turns. His desperation for freedom finally wore him out, and he slept for about an hour before we descended.

He is at the end of his very short, very sensitive rope at all times. If one should look at him cross-eyed, I would be worried that he would propel himself with such great force to the floor, that it may actually put a hole into it. He has mastered the hissy fit, the grunt, and the incessant whine.

Thankfully, Dylan is really pulling his weight and being a great, non-demanding boy. His smile has been lighting up the room whenever he walks in, and he is quickly becoming great friends with his cousins Hailey and Hunter. They run back and forth, color, and generally do a very good job of wearing each other out.

All I need to remember with my young son is that this too shall pass. Drew and I were reminiscing about Dylan going through this exact stage, and it also involved a trip on an airplane - but with Little Bear, he outweighed his brother by at least 10 pounds at this point. So, I guess we will move along, time being selfish and moving quicker than we would like. And, all of a sudden, we will be traveling with grade-schoolers and commenting to each other "remember that time that Cody kicked that arthritic woman in the back?".

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