Friday, December 17, 2010


So, yes, I have had a hiatus from blogging. and from fantasy football... (that's another story altogether).

I feel like my life is moving so quickly, that I am not only watching time pass me by, but it is going at 2x speed. Christmas is coming next week, and my body feels like it should only be September. I bought Christmas gifts thinking that I had plenty of time, then ended up praying that they would show up in time.. Drew kept urging me to wrap everything so that we had gifts under the tree, but I was hesitant - not for any reason other than it didn't seem like it should be time for that yet.

But, as he and I wrapped enough gifts to shame Santa, I realized how blessed we are. We are offering our sons and other members of our family generosity and thoughtfulness, something that not everyone can do. And that makes me happy.very.very.happy. I am sitting here in my pj's in a better mood than I have been in in months. And, as everyone knows, even though Mama may be crazy, if she ain't happy, no one is happy. And if Mama ain't happy, she goes on a hiatus.. And no one wants that.....

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