Monday, January 24, 2011


So, this post is long overdue, but I have been tweaking it for weeks... Our trip to Cancun started on January 1st - and what a great time to go. Minnesota had a cold snap with some snow, so we were so appreciative to get away.

Our flight went pretty well, and once we arrived in Mexico and got to the customs line, I knew something was up with Dylan. He proceeded to throw up all over in the line, which happened to push us through the line faster than had he not barfed. Once he was done, he felt a lot better, and my initial fears of the deadly flu never materialized, thank goodness.

Once we got to our resort, we immediately started enjoying our surroundings. We spent most of our time camped out at the pool, with Cody chasing black birds and Dylan splashing around to his heart's content.

The sun was very bright, and Cody loved wearing my sunglasses!!

Both of the boys loved swimming in the big pool with us, and Cody was very brave in the water. He would walk around the kiddie pool all by himself, until he would go face first in the water and need to be rescued!

We had WONDERFUL weather. Bright and sunny, warm and balmy, with very little breeze. That made for a great getaway! Drew and I were able to get away several nights, and enjoyed some laughs, some wierd conversations with strangers, and some great mexican food!!

Dylan and Cody also loved having Grammie and Grampie around - and let's be honest, so did Drew and I!! We appreciated having two more adults to help man our monsters, and they helped entertain them once we arrived back in the room every afternoon. We also have to be thankful for Kung Fu Panda, which also served as a daily babysitter of sorts for the boys. I have never once watched a movie so many times in a row!!

Dylan met some cool friends in the kiddie pool. Kiersten was a little girl who was IN LOVE with Dylan. In fact, we caught her trying to kiss him one day! She was an absolutely lovely little girl, with a personality as great as her bright red hair!

Many afternoons, Dylan played with lots of other little kids with the pool games.

Cody wanted to get in the games too!!

After all of that playing, the boys slept. and slept. and slept. Thankfully, when we arrived home on Saturday night, the only place they wanted to be was in their own beds, by themselves, with no interruptions - something they hadn't enjoyed for days.....

We had a wonderful trip - so good that Drew and I have already planned another Mexican vacation, just for the two of us, in May. To say that we are excited is a little bit of an understatement... Thank you Mom and Dad for hosting us, putting up with us, and enjoying us. We love you!

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