Friday, January 21, 2011

Three times a week

The boys get a bath 3 times a week. Three times a week, I drag out the floaty toys and run the water. Three times a week, I wash their hair - always Dylan first and Cody second. Three times a week, I pull them out, with one usually crying because they are having fun letting their tiny fingers and toes get all wrinkly. And three times a week, I dress them in clean jammies and comb their hair.

One can assume that this has become a bit of a mundane task, and I have been guilty of actually smelling them to see if it's possible if I skip a night... But then I read this - and it reminded me that this woman gave her sweet girl one last bath, a bath that was emotionally and physically difficult - and I take mine for granted three times a week.

If I can hope for one thing in 2011 - it would be to treasure the moments. Not just the sweet, eventful moments, but the mundane ones as well. I still get to have all of these moments with my kids - singing in the car. wrestling in the living room. and bath time, three times a week.

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